The Great Suburban Girl De-Stash Event!

1.18.19 Thanks for visiting my website!  I'm currently closed as I moved to Arizona at the beginning of the year!  I hope to get things back up and running once we are settled.  However, that may not be until spring as we are closing on a house next month and I will need time to get set back up and registered with the state.  Until then, follow me on Instagram for all my adventures!  It's also where I'll announce my re-opening once I'm ready!  

Are you a jewelry designer looking for some great ceramic components to use in your work?  Good news for you, I am going to have a de-stash sale on 1.4.18 @ 7:30pm EST in my Facebook Group of my prior designs from my Suburban Girl Studio LLC days!   There will be beads, pendants, charms and maybe even some cabochons!  Please note, these are NOT seconds. 

For years, my focus was providing quality, hand-crafted ceramic components for jewelry designers.  I haven't completely left that world behind but I am moving on from my Suburban Girl designs.  This means you can get some great pieces at deeply discounted rates.  Join my Facebook group for all the details! 



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