Moving In!

1.18.19 Thanks for visiting my website!  I'm currently closed as I moved to Arizona at the beginning of the year!  I hope to get things back up and running once we are settled.  However, that may not be until spring as we are closing on a house next month and I will need time to get set back up and registered with the state.  Until then, follow me on Instagram for all my adventures!  It's also where I'll announce my re-opening once I'm ready!  

Just a quick update!

I started moving in to the studio yesterday!  I was greeted by a photo of my stoneware snail on the video directory as soon as I walked in!

We brought one of the tables in (the other will be brought over next week), the small kiln (the larger kiln is on order) and some shelving units to start.  

I've started unpacking some of my glaze and need to locate the rest back in my garage.  

You may have also noticed that I didn't paint the walls.  I was tired of waiting to move in so I've skipped that and will eventually hang art all over the place.  Right now I just want to get set up and get back to work.  I'm going to make a trip to the ceramic supply in Syracuse after Christmas for some fresh clay and a few things I forgot back in NJ.  

Until then, have a Happy Hanukkah and a Merry Christmas!



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