Red Porcelain Gremlin Ornament

12.11.18 The webshop is now closed in preparation for my move to Arizona in the new year! Thank you to everyone who supported my business this year and prior years.  I'm uncertain when I'll be able to reopen the shop, but will announce it on social media once I have determined a date. If you'd like to follow along with my journey or be the first to know when the shop will reopen, then please join me over on Instagram!  See you there! 

Red Porcelain Gremlin Ornament


Each year I make an exclusive ornament design that I will not repeat.  For 2018, I offer you Dibbles the Gremlin!  

Dibbles is hand-crafted from porcelain and features black, white and red glazes.  The ornament is smooth and unglazed on the back, as I fire these pieces flat.  

Each ornament comes with a sparkly ribbon.

Ornament measures approximately 2".

*Please note, you will not receive the exact ornament in the photograph.  As each ornament is made by hand, please allow for slight variations.*